Thursday, September 9, 2010

A pregnant woman's rant

Okay, so maybe I'm just hormonal but I'm going to release a pregnant woman's rant from the last 2 days.

I've already learned that once you become pregnant everyone has an opinion about everything you do. And not only does everyone have an opinion but they love to share that opinion whether you want to hear it or not. Sometimes those opinions are welcomed and sometimes those opinions just irritate the crap out of you. So here goes the story.

Every Wednesday our school has Chili Cheese Nachos on the snack bar menu. They are incredibly delicious and yes, very bad for you, but I love them. It's one of the few things on the snack bar menu that I actually like and don't just settle for because I didn't make a lunch. So yesterday, I was having a pretty good morning sickness day. I woke up feeling good and that persisted throughout the day. So at lunch time when I approached the snack bar window and realized that it was Chili Cheese Nacho Wednesday I was excited!!! I walk back to the teachers lounge with my plate of nacho's and the chili cheese is dripping off the sides onto the napkins and I was in my glory. But before I could put the first chip in my mouth the woman next to me in the teachers lounge looks at my 5000 calorie lunch, looks at me and says "You can't eat that! You're Pregnant! You're supposed to be eating healthy!" I turned and looked at her with this I'm gonna hurt you look and in the most serious voice and said "I'll eat what I want." "Oh no, no", she continues, "you have a baby in you who needs good food. You should be eating fruits and vegetables." I looked at her again as my blood began to boil and possibly steam coming out of my ears and said firmly, "I eat what I can keep down." And then I grabbed a chip smothered in ooey gooey chili cheese and crunched it right in front of her face.

I was sooooooo irritated!

Then, today I had a very rough morning sickness day. I was NOT feeling well and had already had some food that didn't agree with me. At lunch today, I decided to go for a crisp refreshing chicken salad. The snack bar also makes very good salads! I was sure that no one would have anything negative to say about a healthy chicken salad but no, I was wrong. Before I could even get the stinkin' plastic wrap off the top of the bowl, the person sitting next to me looked at me and said, "That's not pregnancy food. You should be eating something like that" as he pointed across the table to the bowl of spaghetti my colleague was eating. I looked at him and laughed and said, "Yesterday, I got harassed for eating Nacho's and today I get harassed for eating a salad. UGH!" He defended himself saying, "I'm not harassing, I'm just inquiring." He explained that he's used to pregnant women eating the typically high calorie, greasy foods. And in his defense, I didn't really feel harassed by his comment like I had the day before, but still, must everyone have something to say about my lunch!

So, for the record, if you care to know about my pregnancy eating habits I will share some. Since I've become pregnant I have only once or twice had a craving. Once it was for pizza and another time, it was for a box of Mike and Ike's which was weird because I don't really eat that kind of candy. Actually, I also craved Captain Crunch this weekend and that was delicious! I have eaten more fruit in these past few weeks than I ever have and I've for some reason had absolutely NO desire for sweets. I have turned my nose up to cookies, cakes, ice cream, Churros, Popsicles and all my usual favorites. Don't ask me why, it just happened. The sweetest thing I eat just for the pleasure of it is a pudding cup a few times a week. I love to eat bean and cheese burritos and salads with lot's of toppings. I no longer like eggs unless they are hard boiled and I no longer even have a taste for soda even though I drink it sometimes just to get something with flavor, but don't worry, I drink only the decaff brands! So there you have it, a summary of my pregnancy eating habits. They are what they are and trust me, I'm taking the appropriate precautions to avoid the no no foods.

And, I'm waiting for the day when I can go to Disneyland and enjoy a yummy churro or a wonderful bowl of ice cream in a waffle bowl drizzled with caramel!!! I can't wait till those things actually sound good to me again!


  1. I've never been pregnant, but I have a strong belief that the baby tells mommy what he/she wants and you should listen. So I stick by my previous statement- unless you're eating ground up glass-- tell everyone to suck it and eat what you want. Tell 'em your doctor gave you a strict menu and whatever is in front of you was on the menu for the day. :)

    Praying for you sister.

  2. I'm on an OB/GYN rotation right now. We never ask what you are eating or not eating - just that you aren't gaining too much or too little weight. There are things you shouldn't eat like soft cheeses and deli meats because they can have Listeria in them which causes miscarriages. But calorie-wise it really doesn't matter as long as you aren't overdoing it all the time. Everyone should have a little fun food sometimes!

  3. Love your article, what cracks me up is why so many people are interested in what you eat. They should get a life, and maybe they won't be so interested in yours. Could be they just love you and are watching out for you and the baby. Anyways, welcome to the world of pregnancy, wait until they automatically go for hand on the belly as you start to show. Just smile and accept it, it only last for a few months and then no one would think about touching your belly.