Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A walk down memory lane with the senior edition of the Titan Times, my high school news paper.

It's amazing how sometimes cleaning turns into a time to reminisce.

Eric and I were both cleaning last night preparing for a few friends who are coming to stay with us for a while at the end of the week. Eric and I have a tiny apartment so our dining room doubles as a storage facility. In an attempt to make our dining room a place where we can actually eat Eric and I decided to go through our storage closet and get rid of some stuff to make room for the boxes that are piled around the dining room table. As I was cleaning I came across a bag of stuff that had some old journals from high school. I used to write a lot in high school and gave detailed accounts of everything that happened so it was hilarious reading some of those journal entries. In the other room Eric was going through a crate that was literally filled to the brim with papers, most of which looked like study guides and powerpoint print-outs from his Chiropractor school days. I was so tempted to just through it all out over the weekend without telling him but I decided not to. Just the thought of throwing out a box of Eric's stuff brought back memories of a recurring argument my parents used to have about a garage cleaning episode gone wrong. While my mom was at work one Saturday my dad was cleaning the garage and this woman walked up from the street and asked if he would like to sell the doll that was laying on a pile of stuff. Of course, my dad sold it to her for like 3 dollars or something and it turned out to be my moms Ragety Anne doll from whose knows when, that was worth a lot of money, but more importantly had a lot of sentimental value. After that flashback I decided not to do it and now I'm so glad I did because in that box Eric found some GEMS!

As Eric was going through the box page by page he found a few copies of our old High School newspaper called the Titan Times. One of the issues he found was the Senior Edition from our Graduating class. You see, at my old high school the newspaper used to put out a Senior Edition right before school ended that had a few great columns dedicated to the seniors. For instance, one column was a list of each Senior with their college of choice and their major. Another had advice to the underclassman filled with embarrassing moments and what NOT to do. But the column that left me crying with laughter and at a few points about to pee my pants was the column entitled "Senior Predictions." In this column the newspaper staff wrote a list of predictions for the future for every single senior. It was hilarious!!!! I remember back in high school this column cased A LOT of drama because some of the predictions were offensive, obscene, hurtful or just plain rude. Some of the predictions referenced peoples most embarrassing moments, highlighted major character flaws or poked fun at some of peoples unfortunate awkward years. Just to give you an idea, some predictions involved future porn stars, getting a doctorate at a local community college, beauty school dropout, being a spokes person for a major fast food chain and the list goes on! According to one of the writers, he said he remembers getting threatened to not be able to walk at graduation for some of the things that were written.

Thanks to the digital age I was able to scan the paper and upload it into a FB photo album so that the whole senior class could relive those memories and laugh again. Eric did not really want me to do it because he was afraid I would open up a can of worms or incite anger all over again but I just had to show everyone. Despite his reluctance he helped me scan everything into his computer since mine isn't really working with the printer right now. It was definitely great for a good laugh again and so far most people have appreciated the walk down memory lane or were good natured about reliving those rude comments.

But here we are, 8 years later, looking back at the good ol'days of high school. Though most of those predictions were laughable and almost have no basis in our actual lives today some actually played out. My senior prediction read, and I quote: Jeanette Amezquita - married to Erick with 12.3 kids and a pet chiwawa." The spelling errors make me laugh. I remember having mixed feelings about that in high school because I was always known as "Eric's girlfriend" by the underclassmen who had crushes on my incredibly cute boyfriend so to be predicted to just be his wife and a baby machine, at the time,though not hurtful or offensive, was definitely a little bruise to my ego. Needless to say, at least part of that prediction came true. I did in fact marry Eric and get a dog, though not a "chiwawa." As for the 12.3 kids, Eric and I have always wanted A LOT of kids but so far God seems to be laughing in our faces about that wish. At this point I'd be happy just have one cuz the way things are going that would be a miracle in itself.

Well, I do hope that 8 years later people are still not reeling over what was written about them in their high school newspaper but you never know. And frankly, I really hope some of those predictions did NOT come true! Either way, I enjoyed my little walk down memory lane and just think, in 2 years we can do it in person at our 10 year reunion! Boy does time fly!!!

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